+ What is dry cleaning and how do you clean my clothes without getting them wet?

+ What is perc?

+ What's the difference between dry cleaning and laundering?

+ How do you get mascara out of chiffon?

+ Why dry clean something instead of washing it at home?

+ Is it okay to leave dry cleaned clothing in the plastic it comes back in?

+ I took my blouse to another dry cleaner and they couldn't get the spot out, is there anything you can do?

+ What do you do to ensure that my white suit won't get dingy or turn grey?

+ I would like to get my wedding gown dry cleaned, do you offer this service yourselves, or do you send them out?

+ What should I do if my laundered shirt has shrunk?

+ Are clothes that have been tailored or had alterations safe to dry clean?

+ Why do things get ruined in dry cleaners?

+ Why do some garments turn gray?

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